Maremma Toscana | Grosseto (Italia)

Wines recalling tastes, colors and fragrances of our land

saaWisdom, experience and patience, enthusiasm and innovation of our young entrepreneurs, always willing to invest in new techniques: these are the key factors that led the Agricultural Estate Fattoria San Felo to produce a wine enhancing the ancestral enological and cultural heritage of our land: Tuscan Maremma.

Passion for vine cultivation and for old farming traditions, coupled with the desire to actively contribute to the promotion of Maremma, led in 2001 the Vanni family to make their dream become true by founding the Fattoria San Felo, of over 1000 square meters with about 28 hectares of vineyards.

At San Felo we not merely grow red grapes (Sangiovese, Cabernet Sauvignon, Ciliegiolo, Merlot Noir, Alicante and Syrah) or white grapes (Vermentino and Viognier), we mainly grow grapes recalling perfumes and tastes of Tuscan Maremma.

The Label “Maremma Toscana”: guarantee of quality

The location is distinctive of Fattoria San Felo wines. Our vineyards are positioned between the fertile and enchanting scenario of Mount Amiata and the sweet hills and mountains of the Uccellina Natural Park, gently diving into the Mediterranean sea.

While buying wine, the label “Maremma”  itself is a guarantee of quality but, at the same time, it represents a commitment for the producer: the promise to grow, to produce and to process a product always live up to expectations. Our goal is to produce a small quantity of bottles, nevertheless all characterized by high quality and good price.

A young, cutting-edges and future-oriented company

saStrongly oriented towards resources optimization, at San Felo every processing phase takes place individually: from grapes growing to processing, bottling, packaging and shipping of the final product.

Pursuer of this fascinating, yet hard task, is Federico, who began to get passionate to the wine production at the age of 17, and today Chairman of the Boards of Directors of Fattoria San Felo Società Agricola s.r.l.

Federico Vanni, a young man who first of all loves the generous fruits of his land and, among these, obviously, wine.
The attachment to the Tuscan Maremma, its beauties and its ancient traditions can be found at San Felo even in some special wines’s names like the “Balla la vecchia”, deriving from the definition given by ancient Maremmans to the summer air trembling in hot days, or “Le stoppie”, a local word indicating that part of straw left on the ground after the wheat harvest.